USA Wellness Proposition
1) Legalize both the medical and recreational sale of marijuana and impliment a federal tax.
2) Create the Federal Pharmaceutical Procurement Office (FPPO). The FPPO shall be the sole source of prescription drug procurement in the United States of America. The FPPO shall use the tax revenue generated from marijuana sales to procure all prescription drugs required by the U.S. citizenery.
3) The FPPO shall establish the 'source of supply' for all prescription drugs.
4) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shall approve or disapprove all procurement of prescription drugs.
5) The Drug Enforcment Agency (DEA) shall be responsible for the supply chain of prescription drugs from the 'Source of Supply' to the receiving pharmacy, hospital or approved distribution office. The DEA will provide the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information technology infrastructure.
6) The FPPO shall be responsible for all shipping, handling and pharmacologic counciling expense.
7) All receipts for perscriptions drugs should read - 'No Charge. United States Citizen'.

Elected officials voting on the Health Care way forward should submit an OGE Form 450: Confidential Financial Disclosure Report. This ensures there is no conflict of interest with the medical or pharmaceutical industries.
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